Oh, stinky car? 8 tips to get rid of bad odors in your car.

Do you feel annoyed to have bad odors in your car? Especially in summer, the bad smell is stuffy under hot temperatures. How terrible is it?! here are 8 tips for you to solve the problem, improve the air quality in your car.

1. Remove trash and vacuum it 

Do a brief clean in your car. Except for removing the trash, it is very important to use the vacuum to thoroughly clean the dusk in your car. Don’t forget the seat gap, it’s always hiding some food crumbs.

2. Wipe with clean water 

Wipe the car interior with a damp cloth, clean the surface of your car leather and dashboard. Make sure your car is properly cleaned, and then we can move on to the next tips.

3. Ventilated 

Keep ventilated under sunshine for few hours, it can release out the bad odor effectively. Also can reduce the humidity.

4. Charcoal

Put some charcoal in your car, it can naturally absorb the humidity and bad odor in your car. However, it’s hard to tell the long-lasting of charcoal. So you may need some other tips. 

5. Car air freshener

Unquestionably, when we talked about removing bad odor in the car, we come out with the idea of a “car air freshener”. Selecting your preferred fragrance, could not only improve the smell of your car but also enhance the driving experience. Besides, a good design car air freshener is also a decoration for your car!

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6. Deodorizer

If you want to effectively remove the bad odor, but you don’t like fragrance. You can choose the deodorant products. Take our deodorant series, Cozy fresh, as a reference, the natural extraction deodorant can effectively remove the bad odor from life, such as sweat, food, smoking, ammonia, and pets. The odor will immediately be surrounded, decomposed, or neutralized. Try it, and you will be impressed with it.

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7. Ozone cleaner 

Ozone cleaner is also a good method for improving the air quality. It is strong for sterilization and deodorant. However, an excessive amount of ozone is dangerous for humans, so we need to confirm the density is below 0.10 ppm. 

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8. HEPA filter purifier 

HEPA filter purifier is also a good method to improve the air quality in your car. Takes our pure aria as an example, the air will be purified by blocking the dusk in the filter, and then by improving the odor by a charcoal filter. Moreover, the dual UV light can do the final sterilization. Make sure the air in your car is properly purified.

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Which tip do you prefer? it depends. You can choose anyone you prefer. Take good care of your car, you will feel the difference. Not only the air quality but also your mood. Enjoy your drive. AirQ knows what you need!

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