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All you need to know about car air freshener, car aroma and more...

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See you at 2022 Automechanika Frankfurt !

See you at 2022 Automechanika Frankfurt !      AirQ will attend 2022 Automechanika Frankfurt, presenting the best-selling car air fresheners in Hall 1.2,  booth #A36. A few years have not participated in the trade show since the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the online con-call is so convenient, it’s still different from face-to-face.We look forward to seeing all of you

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Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air freshener

Join our Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air freshener !

Join our Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air freshener ! We have received many inquiries about Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air fresheners hence we launch a new project for bulk buy car air fresheners to serve our clients easier to try our air freshener in your market.  1. Why do we need bulk buy car air freshener? it’s essential,

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Don’t miss out on Scented polymer freshener

Don’t miss out on Scented polymer freshener  Polymer freshener has been getting popular in the past ten years and has been vastly applied in home and car air freshener, especially in Europe. We will introduce the following content: feature, market application, formulation, and production. <Feature> Polymer freshener’s appearance is flexible to design, and the cost is relatively low. Moreover, it

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2022 the year of Tiger

  Dear AirQ friends,It’s 2022!!! Chinese New Year is coming.We want to inform you that AirQ will be closed during Jan. Jan. 29th ~ Feb. 6th for this particular holiday. We have already gone through the most challenging year.Thank you for all of your support to AirQ during the past year.We very much appreciate everyone’s assistance.Every customer’s support is unquestionably

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5 steps for private label car air freshener

If you want to make your own brand car air freshener, then you must read this article in advance. This article will introduce the processes for car air freshener private label (white label )and the recommended items. Let you have a better understanding of the framework. PROCESS There are mainly 5 processes for making the car perfume with your brand,

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The fragrance trend of car air freshener

Today we are going to talk about the fragrance trend of car air fresheners in the past 30 years. In the beginning, the most popular fragrances were the fruity type or flower type. About 10 years ago, people tend to buy some perfume-type car air freshener. In recent years, perfume type is still growing, but another type appears, that is

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