Car Air Freshener

     We have various types of car air freshener: hanging air freshener, car vent air freshener, dashboard car air freshener, car perfume bottle,  spray car freshener, automatic car perfume, and so on. Let these car perfumes enhance your driving experience!
     Different market or different people has a distinct preference for the types of car air freshener. Hanging is simple to use, just hanging in the mirror. Vent type is very recommended because the air vent can help the fragrance to spread in the car. Dashboard type is like a decoration in your car, and glass bottle perfume is often applied to present the luxury. If you want to search more, please keep exploring our website!
Car Air Freshener, car perfume, vent clip, gel.

Home Air Freshener

     AirQ has a series of home air fresheners, such as Home aroma, Disinfectant, and Deodorant.For the home aroma, we have many different types, including essential oil, diffuser, air spray, scented sachet, and so on. For the disinfectant product, we also have vast choices, spray, gel, and vent. We also have a refill package for a more economical and eco-friendly option. For the deodorant, we use natural extraction material to improve the awful smell effectively. We also have vast choices for different deodorant use. 
     We can customize the design and fragrance based on your need for all kinds of products. Let’s click the photo to look at our Home aroma, disinfectant, and Deodorant series. 

Car Accessories

     Car accessories are essential, and they can make your car more organized or convenient. Our team dedicatedly designs and produces all the car accessories, making sure of the design and quality. Consoles& Organizers series includes trash can, hook, cup holder, butt bucket, etc. Holders consist of cup holders and phone holders. Socket and chargers are all based on Japan standard with series quality inspection. Have your idea about decorating and suiting up your car? Nice! Contact us to discuss OEM, ODM, and OBM! We can customize based on your need.

Air Purifier

AirQ has more than 10 years of experience in developing car air purifiers. We have a wide range of technology, such as ionizer, ozone, UV-light, and HEPA filter. Whether you want the function of sterilization, deodorant, or removing PM 2.5, our product can meet your needs. Ionizer and ozone are easy to use without refill. UV-light is the feature for sterilization. The HEPA filter is unquestionable to improving the dust, especially for the air pollution area.
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Air Freshener, Air Purufier, Sterilization, Deodorant Product.