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AirQ is an experienced car air freshener, home air freshener, and car accessories manufacturer.

We always understand our customers' needs, standing in the same front with them, rather than in front of them.Solving and overcoming all the difficulties with them. Go together, grow together! Welcome to our website to hear our stories.

5 steps for private label car air freshener

If you want to make your own brand car air freshener, then you must read this article in advance.

Join our Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air freshener !

We have received many inquiries about Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air fresheners hence we launch a new project for bulk buy car air fresheners to serve our clients easier to try our air freshener in your market. 

Our Service

Professional Car & Home Air Freshener Manufacturer

As a professional air freshener supplier, we have not only car perfume but also home air freshener. We can customize the design and fragrance based on your need. Let’s click the photo to look at our Home aroma, Sterilization, and Deodorant series. 

We have various types of car freshener: hanging type, vent clip, dashboard car freshener, car perfume bottle, etc. In addition, AirQ is always involved in multiple car perfumes. Let these car perfumes enhance your driving experience !

Car accessories like mobile holders, air purifiers, chargers, and more. Have your idea about decorating and suiting up your car? Nice! Contact us to discuss OEM, ODM, and OBM! We can customize based on your need.


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Sterilization rate > 99.99%
Safe | Superior | Secure

S-Cube is a series of antibacterial products, apply New Type Cl02 with patented techniques. Unlike traditional ones, S cube is non-irritating and non-toxic but remains brilliant to kill the bacterium.

Our Clients

AirQ has 30 years experience in car and home freshener manufacture; we have global cooperation in different countries. Our primary market is Asia, including Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. And we are developing India, Europe, America and Middle east market in these years. We are flexible in assisting our clients in developing suitable air freshener in their market, and providing expert customized car perfume or accessories. If you need a better understanding of AirQ, contact us!  AirQ will be your best partner because AirQ, Knows what you need!

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