Join our Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air freshener !

Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air freshener
We have received many inquiries about Wholesale and Bulk Buy car air fresheners hence we launch a new project for bulk buy car air fresheners to serve our clients easier to try our air freshener in your market. 

1. Why do we need bulk buy car air freshener?

it’s essential, especially when you want to test a new market for a new item or new brand. Less MOQ can give you more flexibility to test and promote. After better understanding the market need, you can raise your quantity or adjust the item later. However, if you try a considerable volume in the beginning, you find the product type inappropriate. It will be a headache to deal with the stock.

Wholesale and Bulk Buy

2. AirQ Selection

We have selected the most popular item for this bulk-buy project. Let me introduce them one by one~

No.305 NERO-Columnar

two-layer liquid looks beautiful, the upper layer is the fragrance, and the other layer is the deodorant.


Argyle It's one of the best-selling car air fresheners in Taiwan car accessories stores.
Elegance design and fragrance, you will like it after trying it.

No.242III Urbanloft - Nature Scent

It’s one of the world’s best-selling car air freshener types. Why do people so like it? The experience is excellent. Inside fiber is an eco-friendly natural material, absorbing high percentages of fragrance. The fragrance is not only strong but also long-lasting. What’s more, there are adjustable caps for adjusting the strength. For the scent, we have organized the fragrance popular in different countries. You can easily select suitable fragrances in your market.

No.286 Urbanloft - Little spray

the most instant air freshener. You spray and then feel it immediately. We follow the natural scent for the fragrance, using the best-selling fragrance.

No.242IV coffee gusto can

It's a fantastic product, reach great selling in many countries. We have developed five different coffee scents that let you feel like entering a coffee shop. Do you want a cup of caramel latte? or do you want the dark roast coffee?

No.287 La Vie

Polymer freshener is very popular in Europe. The design is graceful and has amazing long-lasting. A small one can have 4~6 weeks long-lasting. If you want to know more about polymer fresheners, you can look at our previous blog.

No.338 Life Scent

I want to go traveling!!!!
The ticket and fragrance
take you to a beautiful destination. Enjoy your trip.

341 life scent fragrance paper
341 life scent fragrance paper

No.Q01II Fru Fra

it's our classic product; it looks cute, with a pleasing fruity scent. Sweet scent always makes people feel happy.

3. Sample: Free sample

Free sample provided. You merely need to pay the parcel fee. We provide you with a sample for each series and the related tester to feel the fragrance. You can use your DHL or FedEx account to collect the sample. Otherwise, you can pay the parcel fee by PayPal; how easy?! If you want a complete series sample, sample fees will be charged, increasing the parcel fee.

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4. POSM support

We all understand it's not easy to promote a new brand or product in a market. AirQ always does its best to support clients in advertising and marketing. We also welcome you to share your idea to win the sale together.

We can provide the following three support

a. Display or Shelf wobbler. It makes the product display attract more customers' eyes.

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b. Poster or DM. We will give you designed posters. You can share it online, print it bigger for the poster or smaller for DM.

c. Video: A good marketing video can attract customers' eyes. It can also let viewers get a better understanding of the products quickly.

5. Sales exclusive

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Do you feel depressed when you dedicatedly cultivate a brand in your market, but the supplier sells that brand to many importers to compete with you? All the investment and effort were in vain in the end. AirQ attaches great importance to honesty and integrity. Trade is like a relationship, with two sides based on trust to cooperate. Welcome to be our agent, setting the area selling goal together. We all not only do our best to support you achieve your target but also protect your right in the area.

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Let's arrange a con-call. We can't wait to see you !!

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