Anti-Covid-19 Sterilization project

Now COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and serious, under this condition, personal hygiene consciousness is rising fast.

To be honest, it’s a long-term fight. Some countries already ended the lockdown, seems getting better, nevertheless, viruses still remain.

How can we keep ourselves safe from viruses?

AirQ team put a lot of effort on the research of market sterilization products, after searching, comparing, and testing constantly; S CUBE series officially launched in April,2021.

AirQ Sterilization Product

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AirQ ClO2 Sterilization Product


S CUBE Sterilization product

Test & Report

S CUBE Sterilization product

Safe x Superior x Secure are what we want to bring for our customers, there are many products which claim to be able to kill viruses & bacterium with high rate, but might harmful to the body, S CUBE is the best guardian you can rely on.

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