Do you often find a suitable location for charging your mobile phone in the car? Or can you not find a convenient place for some temporary tickets? Now ZE-7 simple drink & phone holder have helped you solve it not only to make the beverage more stable It makes your cup holder not only a cup holder, but also a good location for charging your phone Solve two troubles at once, driving safety, and undiminished handsomeness.

  • In addition to drinks, it is also a mobile phone holder.
  • Easy to install, put it into the original drink holder on the car
  • Mobile phone placement size can support up to 80 mm.
  • In addition to mobile phones, any small coupons and notepads can be used conveniently.
  • The mobile phone can be stored while charging.

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ZE-7 Simple Drink & Phone Holder

Small Pack

L180 x W120 x H110 mm

Carton Size

L580 x W524 x H352 mm


3.78 cuft.


10/40 PCS

N.W / G.W

5.08 / 5.32 KGS


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