Real purity! Not just fltration, we give more focus on ‘sterilizing” after the filtering stage. *Pure Aria is the first portable air purifier that perfectly combines 4 functions: Sterilize, Deodorize, Filter and Anti-mold.





  • Medical 3-layer filter system. 1st Pre-filter – Block big dust, hair and pollen at the first stage. 2nd HEPA H13 medical filter – Filter PM2.5 to 99.95%, including mold,bacteria, and dust mite. 3rd Active Carbon filter – Capture the bad odors & filter harmful substances (VOCs, HCHO…).
  • Equipped with the best dual wavelength of sterilization & deodorization.

Japanese-made high-speed turbofan speed can reach 8500 RPM, air circulation rate AVG: 7 m 3 / h


How to replace the filter?

Follow the steps:

1. Unpack the new filter
2. Turn on the reverse direction according to the arrow icon on the base (unlock)
3. Take out the old filter
4. Install the new filter
5. After the base is installed, turn it off according to the locking direction (locking)

▲ Add pure natural essential oil, choose the taste you want, drop into the nanoporous adsorption block, completely absorb it and slowly volatilize and release it to achieve Pure relaxation of body and mind! 




Pure Aria Smart Start Design-Two-stage wind speed, let you easily get started


▲Just “one-button start” after power on, intelligently remember your usage status, so you don’t need to worry about it in the future


Equipped with USB-Type C device

▲ TYPE-C device, plug and play



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Q.58 Pure Aria Air Purifier

–Small Pack

L120 x W80 x H205 mm

Carton Size

L515 x W425 x H252 mm


1.87 cuft.


10/20 PCS

N.W / G.W

8.4 / 10 KGS



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